This week, a quick update from Paul Holes of The Murder Squad. Visit bit.ly/paulholesbooktour for info on his upcoming tour.
Published 02/07/22
This week, Billy and Paul are joined by Amanda Knox to talk about the murder case of Derek and Nancy Haysom. Amanda has been an advocate for victims and those who have been unjustly imprisoned since her own exoneration and release from an Italian prison in 2015.
Published 01/31/22
Paul and Billy continue their conversation about Jack the Ripper's victims--Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Kate Eddowes, and Mary Kelly--with author and historian Hallie Rubenhold. This week they concentrate on the last victim and Hallie's latest project.
Published 01/24/22
Author and historian Hallie Rubenhold joins Billy and Paul to discuss her book The Five. The three discuss the five canonical victims--Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Kate Eddowes, and Mary Kelly--of Jack the Ripper in England 1888.
Published 01/17/22
Investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell joins Billy and Paul to talk about the case of Felix Vail. After his first wife died under mysterious circumstances, Vail went on to have many relationships. In two cases, the women went missing and haven't been found. It's possible Vail could have other victims.
Published 01/10/22
Paul and Billy are joined by Dr. Ann Burgess and her co-author Steven Constantine to discuss their book--A Killer by Design: Murders, Mindhunters, and my Quest to Decipher the Criminal Mind. Dr. Burgess is a forensic psychiatric nurse who helped develop profiling as we know it today. She discusses her work with victims and killers.
Published 01/03/22
Alvin and Fran from Affirmative Murder join Paul and Billy to discuss killer Joe Metheny. Metheny claimed to have killed over ten people. He told law enforcement he dumped some victims in the river and others he served off a pit BBQ truck.
Published 12/27/21
Billy and Paul discuss the case of a little boy found inside a box in Pennsylvania. In February 1957, a boy between 3 and 5 years old was discovered deceased in a bassinet box. He was malnourished and had several blows to the head. His identity and the person responsible for his death remains unknown.
Published 12/20/21
Since the beginning of the Murder Squad we’ve brought you into investigations of missing persons, fugitives, and unsolved murders and sexual assaults in hopes we can help to solve them. This year we're bringing you updates on Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte, Josue Calderon, Katie Janness, Molly Miller, Colt Haynes, Alexis Sharkey and more.
Published 12/13/21
A killer with a unique gun stalked an interstate between three different states--picking at least six victims. There is a possible link to three other murders in a fourth state. The victimology is similar, but a different gun(s) is used. Authorities have uncovered no motive nor the identity of the I-70 Killer after almost 30 years.
Published 12/06/21
21-year-old Jennifer Wix’s family last spoke to her on Thursday, March 25th, 2004, sometime in the afternoon. According to her boyfriend at the time, Jennifer and her two-year-old daughter off at a local gas station in Cross Plains, Tennessee. No one at the gas station saw them and they haven't been seen in over 17 years.
Published 11/29/21
Mary Johnson disappeared on her way to meet a friend at a church vanishes in Washington on December 1, 2020. Glenda Parton went to find her son Dwayne Selby and his partner Jack Grimes in Oklahoma on October 25, 2021 before she disappeared herself. An intruder attacked Travis and Jamilyn Juetten in their rural home in Oregon on August 13th, 2021. Grand Valley State University had one student mysteriously drown and another go missing within just weeks of each other. Josue Calderon was...
Published 11/22/21
On Saturday, February 2nd, 2008, a gunman entered the Tinley Park Lane Bryant store shortly after it opened at 10 AM. The man posed as a delivery person before murdering five women and leaving another for dead. Despite having a witness to the crime, the suspect remains unknown.
Published 11/15/21
For decades there has been the question: was there a serial killer hunting redhead women in the late seventies to early nineties. Many of the victims are still not identified. A few of the cases have been solved, with their killers not completely ruled out of the other crimes. Could it be coincidence or is there a Redhead Killer still walking free decades later?
Published 11/08/21
This week Billy and Paul look into the unsolved Cleveland torso murders from the 1930's. A killer or killers killed 12 victims between from 1935 to 1938. Only three of the victims have their identities known.
Published 11/01/21
According to the Human Rights Campaign since the beginning of 2021, there have been 38 violent deaths of transgender or gender non-conforming persons in the United States. We are covering five of those cases. The victims--Davarea Alexander, Serenity Hollis, Iris Santos, Alexus Braxton and Kier Lapri Kartier--deserve justice.
Published 10/25/21
50-year -old English teacher Susan Morrissey Ledyard was texting with friends and family until 2:47 AM on July 23rd, 2019. Her car left home in Wilmington, Delaware, shortly after 3 AM. Four hours later her body was discovered in Brandywine Creek. Her murder remains unsolved.
Published 10/18/21
This week Billy and Paul look into the disappearances of Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall--also known as the Springfield Three. The three women vanished from the home on East Delmar Street in Springfield, Missouri, on June 7th, 1992.  
Published 10/11/21
This week Paul and Billy look into two separate unsolved murders from the 1970s. 24-year-old Rita Curran was killed in Burlington, Vermont, on the night of July 19th, 1971. 15-year-old Marilee Burt walked home from her friend's house on February 26th, 1970, in Littleton, Colorado. She was found murdered the next day. 
Published 10/04/21
Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were still enjoying their first year of marriage and lived in the great outdoors. On August 13th, 2021 they went out for drinks with friends at a local bar. They tell their friends about a creepy guy who’s been camping next to them. Their bodies were discovered near their campsite almost a week later. For a brief moment, the case was possibly linked to the high profile missing person’s case of Gabby Petito. But even with increased attention, their killer...
Published 09/27/21
This week Billy and Paul take a look at several recent cases. On November 26th, 2020,  Alexis Sharkey went to Thanksgiving with friends. After getting home she had a disagreement with her husband, then left the house. Her naked body was discovered in the bushes off of Red Haw. Michael Bryson disappeared from the Hobo Campgrounds in the Cottage Grove Area in Lane County, Oregon, in the early morning hours of August 5th, 2020. 25-year-old J.J. Day was last seen at 9:12 AM at Beyond/Hello in...
Published 09/20/21
27-year-old Jodi Huisentruit was anchor in Mason City, Iowa. On June 27th, 1995, Jodi was running late for her shift at 3 AM. When police arrived at her apartment building, Jodi's car and some of her belongings were in the parking lot. But there has been no sign of Jodi since. Caroline Lowe from Find Jodi join Billy and Paul to talk about the case.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 09/13/21
This week Paul and Billy are joined by Kate Winkler Dawson to discuss two missing person cases in Texas. Brandon Lawson left home after an argument on August 3rd, 2018. He called for help after his truck ran out of gas, but when assistance arrived he was gone. Brian Vargo left the University of Texas at Austin sometime after March 9th, 1976, and hasn't been heard from since.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 09/06/21
21-year-old Suzanne Jovin was stabbed 17 times on December 4th, 1998. The Yale student had just finished a draft of her senior essay on terrorism and spent the day volunteering. The police became laser focused on a person of interest who was later dismissed and the case remains unsolved today.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 08/30/21