This week's Winter Distraction features one of the original true crime podcasters, Phoebe Judge from the Criminal podcast. Paul, Billy and Phoebe discuss some of Criminal's most popular episodes--including one with links to the world of Harry Potter. And Phoebe talks about how the true crime podcast landscape has changed and what it takes to make a great episode. 
Published 02/17/20
On this week's Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul look into another case they are often asked about-the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The six-year-old beauty pageant queen was found murdered inside the family home in December of 1996. The case remains unsolved. Billy and Paul weigh in on the evidence at the scene and give their impressions of the case. 
Published 02/10/20
On this week's Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul welcome Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from My Favorite Murder. Billy, Paul, Karen and Georgia discuss the case that the guys get asked the most about--the death of Kathleen Peterson covered in depth on the Netflix series The Staircase. They discuss the case and specifically the "owl theory."
Published 02/03/20
On this week's Jensen and Holes: Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul welcome the funny and talented film and television actress Lauren Lapkus. They discuss her fictional crime role in Orange is the New Black--including which real life criminal she would want to guard. 
Published 01/27/20
On this week's Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul welcome the crew from the podcast Small Town Dicks. Billy, Paul, Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpsons from The Simpsons) and Detectives Dan and Dave will discuss one of the biggest pop culture crime cases in the past year—the Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide.” We delve into the background that first brought Epstein to the attention of law enforcement, the gross mishandling of his first criminal cases, those he was close to, his final days and the autopsy...
Published 01/20/20
Jessi has been listening to The Murder Squad since episode 1, and followed Paul and Billy's instructions and submitted her DNA to GEDMatch after using an ancestry site. In June, detectives in Colorado contacted her, asking her to help put together a family tree. And last month, an arrest was made in an almost 40-year-old unsolved murder. In this week's Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul talk to the Squaderino who was instrumental in solving the first cold case by the Murder Squad community.
Published 01/13/20
While Billy and Paul are working diligently on season two of Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad, they're using their downtime to watch movies and TV shows about...crime. Some true crime, some fiction. In these mini-episodes, the guys give their thoughts on the crime shows and movies you love--and debate what they would've done differently if they were in the detectives shoes. Special guests from the podcast and entertainment world will drop in to share a drink and talk some crime. For our...
Published 01/06/20
In part two of the season one finale, Billy and Paul delve into the tips the Murder Squad has received this year. They interview Charles Manson’s acid dealer, who has never spoken to the police. But he came forward to the Squad with new information about the potential other murders The Manson Family could be responsible for in late 1960s Los Angeles. Also updates on our fugitive cases, the Olivia Lone Bear case, as well as convicted killer Jeffrey Willis.  Plus someone close to serial killer...
Published 12/30/19
In the first part of the season finale, Billy and Paul talk to a woman who was friends with Yvonne Weber and Maureen Sterling--victims from the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders. She was offered by them to smoke pot with a mystery man. She saw the man. Was never questioned by police and never told her story—-until now.  Also there will be updates on Alissa Turney's case, the I-5 Strangler, and theories on the unsolved murders of Abby and Libby from Delphi, Indiana.  
Published 12/23/19
Every Wednesday, Parcast's Famous Fates releases 5 binge-worthy episodes only on Spotify. Each week centers around a common theme, such as Hollywood Icons, Mysterious Deaths, or Notorious Names. These incredible stories are all brought to life by an ensemble cast of talented voice actors. This sneak peek is a clip of the Famous Fates episode on James Dean. To hear the full episode and others like it, search Famous Fates and listen free, only on Spotify.  
Published 12/18/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the unsolved murder of Brittany Phillips. 18-year-old Brittany Phillips had just moved back to the Tulsa area a few months before she was killed in her apartment in September of 2004. Law enforcement have over 70 swabs of DNA-one with a match-but Brittany's killer still remains unknown. With the help of Brittany's mom Dr. Maggie Zingman, Billy and Paul take a closer look into the investigation. 
Published 12/16/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the murder of 18-year-old Anita Knutson out of Minot, North Dakota. Anita was a friend to everyone, appearing to have no enemies, when she was discovered murdered in her apartment on June 4, 2007. 
Published 12/09/19
Billy and Paul dive into the unsolved cases of the Freeway Phantom. In front of a live studio audience they discuss the details of six unsolved homicides from the Washington, D.C. area in 1971 and 1972. The cases are thought to have been committed by the same person dubbed the Freeway Phantom by the media. 
Published 12/02/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the fugitive case of John Blauvelt out of South Carolina. Blauvelt is wanted for the murder of his wife Cati in October of 2016. Shortly after the murder he went on the run with a teenager who was recovered in Oregon--the last confirmed sighting of Blauvelt. Billy and Paul talk with US Marshal Will Cook in the search for John Blauvelt. 
Published 11/25/19
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, this city of London, Ontario, had multiple serial killers in their midst. Three have been identified but most likely there was at least one more. Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the murders most likely committed by this unknown killer with the help of author Vanessa Brown. More information on Vanessa Brown's book can be found here: https://brownanddickson.com/pages/the-forest-city-killer
Published 11/18/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes delve into the unsolved murder of Eva Taylor in front of a live audience at My Favorite Weekend in Santa Barbara. Taylor's case has similarities to the Golden State Killer cases, but still remains unsolved.
Published 11/11/19
This week Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into two unsolved murders in Texas. Both cases captured the killers on video, both have DNA, but neither has been solved. Paul and Billy delve into the details of the murders of Shelbey Thornburgh and Missy Bevers.
Published 11/04/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the unsolved murder Yale Gracey, one of the great minds behind the illusions featured in Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. They also discuss other unsolved Halloween cases through the years.
Published 10/28/19
Billy and Paul continue their look into the cases of Jesse Matthew. They take a close look into unsolved missing and murdered women from areas that we know Matthew was in. They continue their conversation with Morgan Harrington's mom about the case and the potential of other victims.
Published 10/21/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the murders of Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham in Charlottesville, Virginia. While talking to Morgan's mother Gil Harrington, they learn new details and hear a mother's journey in learning her daughter was killed by the serial killer Jesse Matthew. Billy and Paul bring into focus whether the man Gil calls the "back to school killer" could be guilty of other crimes.
Published 10/14/19
It’s 1946. A young singer/waitress had just arrived in a small Michigan town, and caused a sensation among the rough crowd at the tavern where she was singing. Then one night she went missing. Three men were interested in her. All three are suspects. In this bonus episode, Billy and Paul will tell the tale, and then release a different clue every day via the Barnes and Noble instagram page. Then on Thursday night, October 17, listeners can go to their local Barnes and Noble store for a get...
Published 10/10/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the missing persons case of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes out of Love County, Oklahoma. The two went missing after a high speed police chase in July of 2013. Billy and Paul talk to Molly's cousin Paula about the ins and outs of the case.
Published 10/07/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women in North America. With the help of scholar and Yakama tribal member Emily Washines, they dive into specific cases and shine light on the nearly 6,000 cases of missing Indigenous women in the United States. For more information, please visit TheMurderSquad.com or UIHI. "Relaxing Piano Music" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0...
Published 09/30/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into the unsolved homicides of 21 year old Sydney Land and 20 year old Neo Kauffman. The two were killed in their Las Vegas apartment in October of 2016. Billy and Paul speak directly to Sydney's mom about the events leading up to that night and the ongoing investigation.
Published 09/23/19
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes look into a killer that Paul has been investigating since his time on the job. William "Wild Bill" Huff is in prison for two murders, but law enforcement believes he could be guilty of many more. Billy and Paul welcome Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Colleen Gleason to discuss the details of the case.
Published 09/16/19