Listen to an interview with Rob Schnepp, author of Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations. Rob discusses the NFPA 472 standard, changes in responder training operations, and the importance of writing a "street smart" textbook.
Published 06/29/11
Listen to an interview with Dave Schottke, editor of the market-leading Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, Second Edition. Dave discusses fire fighter safety, the dangers of lightweight building construction materials, fire scene rehab, and other areas of emphasis within the Second Edition.
Published 06/27/11
Listen to an interview with Glenn Corbett, co-author of Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service, Fourth Edition. Glenn discusses his relationship with the late Frank Brannigan, the dangers of heavy construction timber, occupancy specific hazards, and other areas of emphasis within the Fourth Edition.
Published 05/27/11
Today's Podcast features an interview with Forest Reeder, editor of our Fire Service Instructor: Principles and Practice textbook. Forest discusses the concise nature of the text, its real world focus on how training is delivered in today's classrooms and training grounds, and the technology resources available to support the text.
Published 05/20/11
An interview with David Casey, contributing author of our new Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice textbook. David discusses why the training program was created, how it can help to improve fire fighter safety on the training ground, and more.
Published 05/18/11
An interview with Mike Ward, author of our popular Fire Officer: Principles and Practice, Second Edition textbook. Mike discusses why the training program was created, how it incorporates the latest research and best practices, and how the teaching and learning system can address the needs of a wide array of adult learners.
Published 05/18/11
An interview with Dr. Donald W. Walsh, one of the authors of our new National Incident Management System: Principles and Practice, Second Edition. Dr. Walsh discusses how the text incorporates scenarios to address the latest information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, how the author team's diverse backgrounds help make the text appealing to a wide audience, and more.
Published 05/18/11
Jones & Bartlett Learning is pleased to present the eighth Podcast in the Spring EMS Author Podcast Series, a conversation with David Snyder about Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS). David provides background on the development of GEMS, discusses what inspired him to author the course, provides details on the features of the GEMS course, the instructor and student resources available, and explains why taking a GEMS course is important for EMS professionals.
Published 05/05/11
JBL is pleased to present the sixth Podcast in our Spring Author Podcast Series, a presentation by Rhonda Beck and Stephen Rahm about Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Second Edition. In it, the authors discuss the differences between the National Standard Curricula and the National Education Standards, the features of the Second Edition, and the resources available to accompany the textbook, including the TestBank on CD-ROM.
Published 04/14/11
JBL is pleased to present our fifth Podcast, a conversation with Clay Richmond about Special Events Medical Services (SEMS). In it, Mr. Richmond provides an overview of SEMS, discusses how he became involved in special events EMS, the reason he developed this course, the features and benefits, and why it is important for EMS providers.
Published 04/07/11
JBL is pleased to present the fourth Podcast, a conversation with Barry Eberly and Bruce Nepon about Field Training Officer. In it, Barry and Bruce provide an overview of the text, discuss the supplements available, why they decided to author this text, and why it is important for EMS providers.
Published 03/31/11
JBL is pleased to present the first Podcast, a conversation with Mike Pante about Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (ATT) Course. In it, Mike Pante explains what inspired him to develop ATT, how the ATT Course is designed, what makes ATT easy to administer, and why you should consider the ATT Course.
Published 03/10/11