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Listen to an interview with Rob Schnepp, author of Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations. Rob discusses the NFPA 472 standard, changes in responder training operations, and the importance of writing a "street smart" textbook.
Published 06/29/11
Listen to an interview with Dave Schottke, editor of the market-leading Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, Second Edition. Dave discusses fire fighter safety, the dangers of lightweight building construction materials, fire scene rehab, and other areas of emphasis within the Second Edition.
Published 06/27/11
Listen to an interview with Glenn Corbett, co-author of Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service, Fourth Edition. Glenn discusses his relationship with the late Frank Brannigan, the dangers of heavy construction timber, occupancy specific hazards, and other areas of emphasis within...
Published 05/27/11