Remote Work Debates, 2nd Gen AI, Talent Scarcity, Long Times To Hire
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This week's podcast covers several topics: The continuing debate about remote work, and why I believe it's still a good option, despite CEOs who feel otherwise My great conversation with Scott Galloway, discussing remote work and more Why Amazon workers may walk out Review of AI solutions from the ERP vendors and update on 2nd Generation AI The big issue of talent scarcity and what to do about it Why does it take so long to hire people and what's the answer The AI safety law in New York City and why it could create some chaos. Additional Information Irresistible 2023: The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Teams (get your seat) Gallup research on Remote Work (referenced in podcast) Lightcast: The Switzerland Of The Global SkillsTech Market Amazon Workers Walk Out Over Lack Of Trust In Leadership (and Remote Work Policy) The New York City AI Safety Law (we all need to learn about)    
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Published 09/24/23
Published 09/24/23
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