Episode 26: The Adventure of Poetry with Tim Lavenz
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Daniel and Mike are joined by poet and philosopher Tim Lavenz (https://fragilekeys.com) to discuss the mysteries of poetry. What exactly is the 'old quarrel' between philosophy and poetry? What is the mystery of poetry? What are poetry's limitations: what can't it do or decide? Bio for Tim Lavenz: Tim has many creative essays on the topic of poetry (and much else) on his website, fragilekeys.com, and runs a YouTube channel called Experimentum Vocis, which houses his poetry readings and talks. He began writing poems as a teenager thanks to an online rap battles forum. His inquiry into the essence of poetry began at the Iowa Writer's Workshop circa 2007 and has intensified since. The readings mentioned in the episode can be found here. Alain Badiou "Language, Thought, Poetry" Jean Paulhan "Key to Poetry" Handout with excerpts from John Keats and Hart Crane. *Music: "Caledonia Soul Music" by Van Morrison 
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