AKA Dr. Matt Agnew. AKA Rosie’s husband. In our first ever special guest episode, Astro Bachie gives Rosie and Jacob just the gist on Space Guessing! There’s talk of alien predators, the sun blowing up and juuuust a little Bachelor goss. Matt’s Agnew’s Adelaide Fringe show A Guide To Life Beyond Earth runs from Feb 14-23. Get tickets by pasting this link into your browser: http://bit.ly/2Sqe3kU. Rosie Waterland’s show Kid Chameleon starts touring nationally on Feb 25. Get tickets by...
Published 02/14/20
Published 02/07/20
Divorces, beheadings and a body that explodes at a funeral. And nobody sings this week!
Published 01/24/20
One of recent history’s most famous Munchausen by proxy cases... or was it? Rosie Waterland and Jacob talk about what happened between Dee Dee and her daughter Gypsy Rose. Also they sing again - harmonies this time!
Published 01/17/20
Everyone is talking about it. Nobody understands it. Rosie attempts to give Jacob just the gist of the plot of CATS. They both needed a lot of wine to get through it. (And as a special end of year treat, they sing a live duet of ‘Memory’. You’re welcome!)
Published 12/27/19
Rosie gives Jacob just the gist of the woman who cut off her husband’s special place and threw it in a field. A hotdog box, a lot of ice and the cinematic masterpiece Frankenpenis all play a role. 
Published 12/20/19
Ever wondered where the phrase ‘drinking the kool-aid’ comes from? Rosie gives Jacob just the gist of the largest ‘mass-suicide’ in history, and explains why we technically shouldn’t be calling it that...
Published 12/06/19
Just The Gist on Elizabeth Holmes. Jennifer Lawrence is about to play her in a movie. She was once the youngest self-made female billionaire, now she’s worth nothing. Rosie actually did some work for this one.
Published 11/29/19
To kick off Just The Gist classic, Rosie is telling Jacob everything about Monica Lewinsky! Well, not ‘everything’... just, you know, the gist. That’s the name of the show. FINALLY WE CAN TALK ABOUT STUFF OTHER THAN BACHIE!
Published 11/22/19
WE MADE IT TO THE END. I would to thank wine. And Oprah. Oh and she picked the human Ken Doll.  
Published 11/15/19
All these guys are duds but we are pushing through, like Timmmmm at a club at 3am. NEARLY AT THE FINISH LINE PEOPLE!
Published 11/08/19
CIARRAN FOREVER. Jaime never. There’s also some other dudes we barely noticed.
Published 10/31/19
THIS WAS CLEARLY A FILLER WEEK NOTHING HAPPENED BUT JACOB AND I HAD SOME WINE AND MADE THE BEST OF IT. Manchester Guy continues to be amazing. Jaime continues to be creepy. Dog Guy continues to... like dogs.
Published 10/24/19
Rosie thinks she has evidence ANGIE ENDS UP WITH NOBODY. Also, Manchester guy's peen, Stalker Jaime collecting Angie's toenails and a 'Dog Guy' who seems to be unemployed, but very handsome.
Published 10/17/19
Angie is our bogan, relatable queen (but still hot cos that’s important)! Also 74 guys with long hair and a puppy called Rosie.
Published 10/10/19
Get boozy with Rosie and Jacob as they break down Astro Bachie’s final decision under the South African Peen Tree.
Published 09/20/19
Rosie finally cracks it and rage quits watching an episode because FEMINISM. Plus Elly gets booted back to her Tarago and Subtly Bitchy Helena’s brain completely malfunctions over... France, we think?
Published 09/13/19
We have a new Cheeser, but is it Abbie or Astro Bachie himself? PLUS Helena is told by Bachie Royalty/The Superior Women that her only future is to be a gestational carrier IMMEDIATELY.
Published 09/06/19
We are in mourning over the loss of Cheeser and Bad Batch Of S**t Cake. Pray to Oprah. Never forget. PLUS f-bombs on Studio Ten and Persian Princess Sogand proves she’s sexy by imitating Shakira.
Published 08/30/19
Persian Princess Sogand goes full KILL BILL REVENGE on Abbie
Published 08/23/19
It finally happened: DOG C-WORD WEEK IS HERE! Listen to Rosie emotionally exhaust herself as she tells Jacob how all the drama went down.
Published 08/16/19
Astro Bachie literally avoids pashing a girl he hates by eating cheese instead. Other highlights include Vag Juice Perfume and Vakoo just existing.
Published 08/09/19
Sorting the Potential Wifeys from the Reject Stunt Cast is what Episodes 1 and 2 of The Bachelor are all about. Rosie Waterland recaps The Bachelor for her friends Emily and Jacob. Highlights include the Chinese Tourism Robot, the Stage 5 Pube Stealer and of course, a bad batch of sh*t cake.
Published 08/02/19
Rosie Waterland ‘gives the gist’ of any topic she finds interesting, to her comedian friends by recapping the things that she has learned that week, that they know nothing about…and don’t necessarily need to know about. So If you want to know just enough about something to get you through a dinner party, we’ll give you just the gist. Out soon on PodcastOne Australia.
Published 07/24/19