The Hustle Detox
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Freedom, time, and the ability to make more money are the top three reasons most entrepreneurs will give as their reasons for becoming entrepreneurs. So how is it that so many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in the hustle and grind, with LESS time and freedom than they want, instead of more? That’s exactly what James and Dean are diving into in this week’s episode.
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This week’s guest, Damian Lanfranchi, is Todd Brown’s business partner, and they’ve been business partners for over seven years. Tune in to hear what makes their partnership successful and profitable as well as long-standing; and how to find the right business partner for you.
Published 07/15/21
It’s not just about whether your business is growing and successful. It’s also about whether your business has all the pieces in place to scale without collapsing.  In this episode, James and Dean share some telltale signs your business is ready to scale. They also reveal how to avoid the many...
Published 06/24/21
In this episode, persuasion master Kenrick Cleveland joins James and Dean to reveal his secrets to persuading people in a way that feels good to them--and to you--instead of resorting to outdated tactics like problem-agitate-solution and grinding away at pain points.
Published 06/10/21