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Hey Katie Piper's Extraordinary People fans, here's a show we think you'll really like. It's called Exactly. With Florence Given.  Floss is an artist, feminist, and bestselling author of the book ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’. In this podcast she will be diving deep into 5 topics; sex, social media, feminism, relationships and body image and exploring them all from different angles. We’re breaking up the podcast into mini-series and each topic will be explored across 4 episodes. In this, the first episode, Floss meets Dominatrix and empowerment coach Miss Erica Storm for a scintillating exploration of sexual confidence. Miss Erica Storm has dedicated her life not only to liberating herself sexually but to helping other women step into their sexual power. She is a one woman army, liberating us all from the shame and unworthiness that gets in our way, preventing us from experiencing confidence and fulfilment in the bedroom, and beyond. Miss Erica Storm speaks about her personal journey from struggling with identity, substances and bullying, to becoming the fierce and fearless woman she is today. They talk about connecting with your pussy, something Miss Erica Storm is so passionate about- she even wrote a love letter to hers! They also discuss why pleasure is your divine birth right but it’s up to you to claim it, honey! As well as diving deep on the importance of self-responsibility, helping others as a part of healing, and letting go of other people's expectations in order to be your most authentic self. To listen to the full episode, search "Exactly with Florence Given" wherever you listen to podcasts. Exactly. With Florence Given is a Somethin’ Else Production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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