Viola Cheptoo Lagat on the NYC Marathon and Ending Gendered Violence in Kenya
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Today we have a surprise guest hostess (Marielle Hall!) as we talk to Viola Lagat, also known as Viola Cheptoo  Lagat, who you may know as recent second place woman at the 2021 NYC Marathon (and maybe you’ve heard of one of her many talented runner siblings, Bernard Lagat?) She takes us through her family’s deep running roots, what her training is like, how she spends time between the US and Kenya, her journey from being a1500m runner to nearly beating the Olympic Champion in her debut marathon, and her remembrance of her friend Agnes Tirop. Viola shares with us how close to home and ever present gender based violence, like what lead to Agnes’ murder,  is in Kenya and what she and other women are doing to help change things for the next generation.
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