Catching Up With Kim Smith
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The Catchup: Link to pre-order the book Arrival Stories Alysia’s Marathon and Every Mother Counts fundraising page! &mother and EveryMotherCounts have partnered They raised $200,000 through the marathon alone for a new ambulance at a secondary all girls school in the Kilimanjaro region Link &Mother Mom forward virtual 5k, coming May8th! Alysia’s marathon run down- hard terrain, running with Christie Turlington on her last Marathon, experiencing an African city  Introducing Kim Smith: 4 time NCAA Champion and 3 time Olympian for New Zealand, New Zealand record holder in events from indoor mile up through the Marathon. We speak with Kim about her start in running, her breakout college season, her pro career and the lessons she learned. We also touch on what Kim's up to now and her history with pulmonary embolisms.  (Apologies for the sound-We were psyched to be back in studio at WhatCheer Writers Club!..... But we forgot how to use the equipment after 2 years away-Molly's mic wasn't recording so she sounds quieter than normal....but Kim sounds great so no important info is lost there! )  We hope you enjoy, comment and rate us on I-tunes if you feel inclined!
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