William Branum Uses Navy SEAL Experience For Best Handling Change
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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALEST TALK on the internet, REAL TALK with Jimmy Moore! Join Jimmy today as he welcomes William Branum to talk about his Navy SEAL experience and how he uses that now to handle change. “Focus on one area of your life to improve and then master it!” - William Branum   In this episode, Jimmy has the pleasure of speaking with a former Navy SEAL and CBD business owner named William Branum (@nakedwarriorrecovery). In his intense training as a SEAL, William learned some invaluable lessons in life about how to best deal with stress and change in real time. For him, adding in quality CBD products has helped calm his mind from the anxiety of day-to-day living and implementing his NAKED mantra (an acronym for his philosophy on every aspect of your life) is helping veterans, first responders, and virtually anyone to recover from pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. What a great conversation with a true American hero. A former US Navy SEAL with 26 years of service, William Branum is the founder of NW Recovery. At an early age William knew he wanted to be part of a team that would push him beyond whatever limits he thought he had and still enjoy the outdoors and all it had to offer. He charged forward and became an Eagle Scout and joined the Navy immediately after graduating High School. After graduating from SEAL Training (BUD/S Class 208) he was stationed in Virginia Beach, VA then San Diego, CA, and finally Oahu, HI where he served on multiple SEAL Teams, taught SEAL Sniper School, and deployed around the globe. Naked Warrior CBD line of products: http://www.nw-recovery.com FREE 5 SEAL SECRETS e-pamphlet: http://www.5sealsecrets.com
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