381 : Changing our Perspective on Tea in the Cafe w/ Annie Xiang of Volition Tea
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How we perceive something impacts the decisions we make when buying or selling it. That in turn shapes consumers perceptions and then the market. Tea has long been a part of the coffeehouse, but has suffered from a severe lack of attention and intentionality. As a result the way we represent tea in many cafes has a negative impact of the tea farmer in effectively disappearing their work and craft. These are the types of issues that today's guest has sought to address.  After leaving her corporate job Annie Xiang founded Volition Tea. As an Asian American owned business is core to how Volition operates with every decision centering around serving their community and the farmers whom we have the privilege to know.  Instead of focusing on transparency and direct-trade for the sake of marketing, Volition shares the stories of tea farmers to cultivate empathy across communities.  Through their intensive focus, highly curated offerings, and education Volition is making a real impact.  In this interview we will be talking with Annie all about how Volition began, its values, and the practical ways we can adjust our mindsets and practices to usher in a better future for tea and tea farmers through our cafes.  We discuss: Starting volition How tea farmers are unique Telling their story Breaking down the Types of tea How to curate your menu Getting staff exited about tea Tapping into the tea market True transparency in tea Training people in tea Tips for selecting, storing, and using Re-steeping Sourcing and relationships Links: www.volitiontea.com @volitionteaco on IG   Related Episodes: 282 : How to Listen to your Customers How to talk to Customers about Coffee 361: Managing Roastery Relationships and Logistics w/ Corey Turner of Andytown Coffee Roasters Eliminating menu items Humanely 080 : Changing things in the Cafe : A workflow for Refinement 002: Master Your Workflow w/ Ryan Soeder   Interested in leveling up your coffee shop? Click here to schedule a free consulting discovery call with KTTS Click here to book a formal one-on-one consulting call! Visit our amazing Sponsors! www.groundcontrol.coffee www.pacficfoodservice.com www.coffeefest.com
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