Ineffective Training
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It happens all the time. We create and conduct training sessions, programs, and systems that contain a lot, but do not produce a lot.  We end up with staff that are ill equipped for handling the day-to-day work and challenges that await them and as a result the customer receives an inconsistent experience.  On today's Shift Break we will be talking about the number one way we create ineffective training programs and what we should be investing into in order to properly train and prepare ours staff and business for long term success Please listen to these related episodes: 339 : What Good Barista Training Produces 313 : Coffee Education and Training w/ Michael Phillips of Blue Bottle Coffee 301 : Hiring and Training for Excellence 296: Holistic Barista Training w/ David Castillo of Go Get Em Tiger , Los Angeles 235 : 4 Tips for Training your Staff 130 : Anne Nylander | Training Principles for Specialty Coffee Professionals 119 : Barista Training Masterclass w/ 2009 WBC Champion, Gwilym Davies   Like the episode? Subscribe, share, and rate the show!   Visit these amazing sponsors! The best espresso machines in the world!   Custom branded mobile apps for your shop!  
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