RoR #18 : Expert Tips on Avoiding Tipping w/ Rob Hoos
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Even though it is one of the most objectively identifiable defects, the presence of tipping seems to continue to plagues roasters. With the end result ruining an otherwise perfectly roasted coffee, this largely preventable defect deserves special focus. In this episode of Rate of Rise we are going to be interviewing the great Rob Hoos who has dedicated a significant amount of his attention through a new downloadable booklet  aptly named "Tipping and It's Avoidance", to helping us mitigate tipping for good.  Rob Hoos is a coffee roasting consultant and owner of Hoos Coffee Consulting and Iteration Coffee. Rob is the author of Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee and has been a roaster since 2008. He has extensive experience in the specialty coffee industry, including roasting, training, purchasing, and profile evaluation. He is a subject matter expert for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and conducts coffee roasting workshops online and in-person at his lab in Rainier, Oregon. In our conversation we cover: What is tipping and how is it unique among defects? The impact of tipping on taste What actually causes tipping? The kinds of coffees prone to tip.  Best practices during roasting to catch it happening Steps to avoid or eliminate tipping our roasting Links: Related Episodes: RoR #1: A Conversation w/ Anne Cooper of Equilibrium Master Roasters RoR #2: Exploring Quality Control w/ Spencer Turer of Coffee Enterprises RoR #4: Practical Thermal Dynamics w/ Candice Madison of Royal Coffee / The Crown Oak RoR #5: Time and Color in Roasting w/ Morten Munchow of Coffee Mind” RoR #7 Illustrative Sample Roasting w/ Mike Ebert of Firedancer Coffee Consultants RoR #11 : Exploring Scent w/ Sandra Elisa Loofbourow RoR #13 : The NORM ROAST Protocol w/ Dave Baxter RoR #14: How to Roast New Processing Methods w/ Mike Ebert RoR #16 : Ideal Resting Times for Roasted Coffee w/ Joey Stazzone of Cafe Kreyol Visit our sponsor ROAST MAGAZINE and subscribe! 
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