391 : Founder Friday! w/ Megan Wilson of Spuds Coffee in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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It is Founder Friday and boy is this a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of what an owner brings to a cafe and business. You as a leader have the opportunity to bring meaning, soul, and vision that creates electricity and momentum for your staff and customers. This is exactly what today's Founder Friday guest brings to her cafe and its people. We are talking with Megan Wilson of Spuds Coffee! Megan Wilson was born and raised in Jamaica and moved to the United States to attend Johnson and Wales University where she would pursue and achieve a degree in culinary arts and food service management.  From a very young age she had a great interest in the kitchen. What began as a passion for baking would blossom and extend to a passion for cooking and coffee. Connecting with people, creativity, and serving her community is what drives her.  Recently, Megan opened the doors to her first establishment. Spud’s Coffee. There she and her team  strive to create a space that inspires and motivates others to create, think outside their box and get after that dream. It is firmly rooted in the purest expressions of genuine hospitality.  In our conversation we cover her entry into coffee from food service, the harrowing journey through the pandemic to open Spud's and the lessons and experiences she has had through its founding and operation thus far.  We discuss: History of hospitality and finding coffee The innate desire and mission to serve and care for people Leading and caring for a team Creating an intuitive and welcoming space Overcoming challenges in building the business Pivoting and creating community before open Learning along with your staff  Not letting fear and uncertainty stop you Counting the cost Operating the cafe and resilience Advice for aspiring and existing owners Links: www.spudscoffee.com Instagram: @spudscoffee Related episodes:  129 : Founder Friday w/ Casey & Jeremy Miller of The Mudhouse, St. Louis, MO 305 : Founder Friday! w/ Andrew Sinclair of MadLab Coffee, Los Angeles, CA 337: Founder Friday w/ Diana Martinez of Cafe Calle, Los Angeles 380 : Founder Friday! w/ Cary and Cindy Arsaga of Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters   Visit our amazing Sponsors! www.groundcontrol.coffee www.pacficfoodservice.com
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