Laura & Dalton: How we Make our Relationship Work
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This episode is all about Laura and Dalton. They discuss their journey so far, including the pivotal moments that have defined their life together. Find out all about Dalton's life, upbringing and family - from building a work ethic at a young age, to walking away from football after an unexpected illness. Dalton opens up about finding a path in life and re-prioritising his passions after his diagnosis. Plus he shares career advice and learnings that anyone can use to embrace more passion in their career. This episode is as open and raw as Laura and Dalton have ever been in an interview. Find out all about the challenges they have faced as they have built their respective businesses and forged a balance between work and home. This episode will give you real insight into their home life, communication style and their dreams for the future. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
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