Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey- Part 1 [Bonus Patreon Exclusive Episode]
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Hey ya’ll! This week’s bonus episode is actually the first in a series that we are covering on our Patreon. We call the series Doc Jams and it’s the show where we go episode by episode and recap documentaries that ya’ll ask us to cover! At the time of this recording we are currently releasing episodes of this series weekly and are releasing episode 3 this Friday. So we’re gifting you episode 1! If you want the rest of the series, head to our Patreon and join at the $10 level or higher.  But you won’t JUST get Keep Sweet. You’ll also get ALL OF OUR EPISODES ad-free, all of our past Murder Mixtapes (over 150 of those), all of our past doc jams including the Jinx, Innocence Files, Don’t F*ck with Cats, LulaRich, Tinder Swindler, Worst Roommate ever and MORE!  And our next series is Most Hated Man on the Internet- you won’t want to miss it!  So we wanted to just give you a little context about this episode and why you’ll only see part 1 (unless you join us over at  We hope you like our complete and total roasting of Warren Jeffs!  Trigger Warnings References of religious manipulation/cult practices, sexual abuse (including minors), domestic abuse. Part 1 Rulon Jeffs' family members and ex-wives discuss life in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the role of polygamy. Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram Like Us on Facebook Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook Get Killer Queens Merch Bonus Episodes Support Our AMAZING Sponsors: Want access to our first 45 episodes? Grab em here! We've made them available for free to anyone who signs up! Remember, these episodes were recorded when we had no idea what we were doing, so just keep that in mind. The audio isn't the quality we would want to put out now, but the cases are on point! Visit download and binge all the archived episodes today! Miss KB: Wanna know why we call our Dad “Miss KB?” Be sure to head to to grab this audio for free! © 2022 Killer Queens Podcast. All Rights Reserved Audio Production by Wayfare Recording Music provided by Steven Tobi Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon
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