Episode 34: No Buzzer
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Theo roasts Brendan's romper and the boys talk about their night at Joe Rogan and Friends, Dave & Bust's, Sean Kingston, Lil Bow, Chide My Ride, Zebra edition, Sproiler's, Harrison Ford vs Tommy Lee Jones, Solo Cooter's, Tragic Johnson and much more! MyBookie - http://bit.ly/KingStingKAST promo code: KATS Wix.com - Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at https://wix.com/go/KATS  Email submissions to wixloveskats@gmail.com Get 20% off a yearly premium plan with code "KATS20" Manscaped - https://manscaped.com promo code: KATS HelloFresh - https://www.hellofresh.com/kats80 Honey - https://joinhoney.com/KATS
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