Mark and Connor sit down for a casual episode and talk about Octoberfest in Munich, expose some party stories, and more!
Published 09/22/22
Connor and Mark get together and talk about working, take comparison to hyper successful people, and more!
Published 09/14/22
Published 09/14/22
Mark and Connor talk about how to get over things you dislike doing, staying disciplined and completing your tasks, and more!
Published 09/07/22
A casual episode where Connor and Mark talk about their last few trips, some new party stories, and more!
Published 08/31/22
Mark and Connor talk about moving cities, feeling lonely because of change, how to deal with it, and more!
Published 08/24/22
Connor and Mark speak on how to recognise toxic people in your life, how to cut them out the best way, and share their own personal experiences. 
Published 08/10/22
Mark asks Connor about his new relationship, his change in lifestyle, and discuss various aspects of a relationship dynamic.
Published 08/03/22
Mark and Connor discuss what the future holds or doesn't hold, saying yes to every opportunity, having constant progress, and more!
Published 07/20/22
Mark and Connor identify the parts they dislike about themselves and figure out how to better improve, and more! 
Published 07/13/22
Connor and Mark discuss the significance of being an interesting person and end with a very cool random fact!
Published 07/06/22
Mark and Connor get excited for Connors arrival in Munich, talk future plans, not caring and just enjoying, and more!
Published 06/22/22
Connor and Mark discuss how change in situations, positions, etc. can be seen as an opportunity to learn and not something to fear.
Published 06/15/22
Mark and Connor sit down and have an enjoyable casual episode about their simple life pleasures, being alone, shopping with women, and more! 
Published 06/08/22
Connor and Mark talk about and explain street-smart tips, the differences in signs of wealth from the past compared to the present, and more!
Published 06/01/22
Mark reflects on his week-long vacation in Turkey, talks about his traditional turkish bathing experience, his new ForYou page on TikTok, and more!
Published 05/25/22
Connor and Mark talk clubbing in Paris, faking your age, and return with another segment of random facts! 
Published 05/11/22
Mark takes Connor down memory lane about his last clubbing experience in Buenos Aires and the funny things that happened!
Published 05/04/22
Mark and Connor talk about how being alone is essential for personal growth and what it has done for them, and more!
Published 04/27/22
Connor and Mark talk about a 3600 kilometre road trip, a wedding at 20 years old, and Connors new outlook on life.
Published 04/20/22
Mark and Connor reflect on uncomfortable situations they've been in and how they have helped them grow, being in a rut, and more!
Published 04/13/22
Connor and Mark welcome Lucas Reischl for an episode where they talk about odd childhood habits, getting internships, and more!
Published 04/06/22
Mark and Connor speak about what they spend their money on, how the culture of country influences their motivation, and more! 
Published 03/30/22