Twenty Twos
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Christopher Nolan has tried and tried again to deliver mind-bending cinema spectacles, but has yet to deliver his trademark style in the podcasting space. Isn’t that interesting? This week I record twenty segments and shuffle them using a randomiser. Will this create a worthwhile listening structure that keeps you engaged? Probably not, but hey, it technically counts as an episode.
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Am I hearing double? Yes, yes you are! It’s Alex on Alex in the most Alex way possible: contrived podcast premises. Because this week I am being interviewed by an alternate version of myself. Will this lead us both to form a deeper understanding of ourselves? Or will we simply discuss pointing at...
Published 05/24/22
My beauty aint rich nor rare, as it turns out I am everywhere! That’s right, it’s election night in the multiverse of madness as we jump forward a week to see the futures that could be. Winning? Losing? Hot? Not? Well you’ll have to listen to find out. So join me for Beautiful Mind’s disease,...
Published 05/17/22
Published 05/17/22