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Oh the measures we take to find true love. Hinge now does voice prompts, so you know what that means. I’ve loaded up the ole podcasting software, dusted off the ole microphone and screamed at it for nearly thirty whole minutes. That’s right, this week’s episode is nearly thirty minutes long. Join me as I discuss how apps like Hinge enable us to be our true selves, and how the dating landscape is a beautiful garden where love can be plucked like apples from a tree. On an unrelated note, are people still trying to get ‘/s’ to denote sarcasm?
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My beauty aint rich nor rare, as it turns out I am everywhere! That’s right, it’s election night in the multiverse of madness as we jump forward a week to see the futures that could be. Winning? Losing? Hot? Not? Well you’ll have to listen to find out. So join me for Beautiful Mind’s disease,...
Published 05/17/22
I’m hitting golden soil and girting that sea! That’s right, it’s an election trail! Every state a new speech filled with campaign promises and a vague understanding of what you’re all about. Perth? Danger Five. NSW? Robot maids. Queensland? Royal Commission. Join me this week for misplacing the...
Published 05/10/22
Published 05/10/22