How to invest your first $1000
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You’ll never get rich just by being a saver, so save with an aim to invest. Finance journalist David ‘Kochie’ Koch talks through why the share market and the property market form the foundation of the wealth for most Australians. He also shares his 9 golden rules for investing in shares, if you want to start trying to growing your income.
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What is stopping you from saving and taking control of your financial future? Finance journalist David ‘Kochie’ Koch squashes the most common excuses he hears from people who are too afraid to start saving and gives his easy steps towards creating good financial habits. He also does some fact...
Published 08/14/19
The journey to financial success is all about paying the ‘right’ amount of tax. Finance journalist David ‘Kochie’ Koch explains how you can take the stress out of tax time, avoid paying too much tax and outlines what you can and can’t claim for at the end of the tax year.
Published 08/14/19
Are you financially ready to start a family or to grow your existing family? Finance journalist David ‘Kochie’ Koch talks you through the real cost of starting a family. He shares his tips to help you plan for the extra cost, rearrange your financial priorities and shows you where you can cut...
Published 08/14/19