GOT7 2022 Comeback Review
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This week Lindsay and Jemma (albeit late) cover GOT7's firs comeback as a group away from JYP Entertainment. With most members participating in the writing and producing of the album, it might be their most GOT7 album to date. Tune in to find out if these massive IGOT7s enjoy the album or if nananawt. Kpop Homework: That That by PSY ft. SUGA Zoom by JESSI
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This week Lindsay and Jemma review some of the biggest hit k-pop songs that dropped this summer. From TXT with their bad boy concept to Kep1er's first comeback after WADADA to Nayeon's solo debut, there is something here for everyone. Kpop Homework: Beautiful Monster by STAYC...
Published 10/09/22
Published 08/21/22
This week Lindsay and Jemma talk about two HYBE groups summer music drops! Seventeen came back with their title track HOT and their fourth full length album and LE SSERAFIM debuted with song that took over the nation Fearless. Tune in to find out what Lindsay and Jemma thought of these groups!...
Published 07/17/22