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Stephanie Howe, Corrine Malcom & Sarah Scozzaro take you through their personal experiences with injuries. Learn how they navigated through the injury process and their time away from running. They share what they did well and what they did not so well, along with what they learned going...
Published 09/29/22
Claire Bernard Miller, DPT on common issues amongst runners, how our feet are more important to preventing injuries than we know and why we should all seek pelvic floor physical therapy. Activate Physical Therapy & Wellness: https://activateptw.com/ Gait happens:...
Published 09/22/22
In this episode, Dominic Guinto, CTS Athlete Services Director discusses how to build a valuable coach-athlete relationship.  Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible. Information on coaching-www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media Twitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop
Published 09/15/22