Omicron Variant Detected in L.A. County Resident
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Another confirmed case of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected – this time, in Los Angeles County. According to public health officials, the infected person is an L.A. resident who had traveled to South Africa, returning to Southern California late last month. Reporter: Jackie Fortier, KPCC  An investigation by KQED and the California Newsroom has been looking into the state’s failure to enforce regulations meant to protect farm workers and others exposed to wildfire smoke. Earlier this year, lawmakers tried to boost enforcement, but Governor Newsom’s administration stepped in and blocked their efforts. Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero, KQED  The redistricting process is coming to a close soon, as the commission tasked with drawing new district lines gets ready to submit its final maps. One of the commission’s biggest challenges has been to draw the lines in a way that preserves the voting power of California’s growing Latino population. And a lot of those voters are in the Central Valley. Guest: Lori Pesante, Director of Civic Engagemnt & Government Relations, Dolores Huerta Foundation
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Published 01/18/22
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Published 01/17/22