Bonus Episode 23: Krystal and Saagar's Big News
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In a special crossover episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends and Saagar’s podcast The Realignment, Krystal and Saagar reveal why they left The Hill and what they are planning moving forward.
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This week, we were lucky enough to invite Briahna Joy Gray, host of Bad Faith podcast and Current Affairs contributing editor,  onto the show to talk about exploiting the cracks in the Democratic establishment.
Published 07/17/21
This week's guest is Ismail Ali of MAPS [Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies], who tells us about the hidden history of drug criminalization.
Published 07/10/21
This week, we were honored to hold a discussion with Gabriel and John Shipton, the brother and father of American hero Julian Assange. As we mention in our conversation, the violations of First Amendment rights and basic human rights that led to Assange’s incarceration have an impact on all of us.
Published 07/04/21