Episode 01_2019 Bobby Clennell
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"At a certain age, we fall out of love with ourselves because society likes younger people. I don't want to see women doing that. I want to see them continuing to have that excitement about themselves, and just be a little bit maybe narcissistic, because we do tend to give and give and give. That's what women do." Meet Bobby Clennell - a world travelling yoga teacher, an animation drawer, a wife and a mother. Tune in and get enlightened. 
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 "You can't stop the clock. And when my mother turned 70 I was in my 30s. And I thought "oh my god that is so old, and I said to her how does it feel?" And she told me the wisest thing she said:"I still feel like that 14 year old girl." And that's the truth. So here I am 71 - I am the same. I am...
Published 05/27/19
“I am a very political person, I believe passionately that women have to run.” - Charlotte Bennett Schoen started her political career years ago with joining the League of Women Voters. With a background in teaching she ended up founding a mental health Center and went from there all the way to...
Published 03/23/19