Just Us: Josh Squared
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It’s time for Jac to share one of her favorite audiobook chapters from Lady Secrets. Find out which A list celebrity she ended up on a double date with! Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Shopify: Go to shopify.com/ladygang for a FREE a 14 day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features! Brooklinen: Use code LADY20 for $20 off plus free shipping on your order of $100+ at Brooklinen.com Coors Light: Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly or Instacart by going to coorslight.com/lady  Starward: Get $20 off your order using the code LADY at Starward.com - Sip Starward responsibly! Starface: Get 15% off a one time purchase with code LADYGANG at starface.world  Hyundai: Learn more about the 2022 TUCSON and SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid EVs at HyundaiUSA.com 
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Published 09/29/22
With a break in Michigan, the ladies are updating everyone on how tour has been. They had a full press day in NYC for the publication of Lady Secrets, they picked out their favorite outfits and are completely exhausted.  Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Brooklinen: For a limited time, get free...
Published 09/27/22
Published 09/27/22