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GREATEST HITS - Recorded in 2020 Alex McCabe, co-founder of Aussie lifestyle and homewares brand Kip&Co, shares insights into how swift decision-making earlier this year in response to the COVID pandemic secured the longevity of the business, as well as advice on how fashion brands should approach pricing, new product development, and securing press.   In this chat we covered:  How Kip&Co secured their first 10 stockists from a trade show in Melbourne   The fine balance of where to spend your marketing dollars, and why it’s important to invest in paid advertising and PR   Why Kip&Co choses to work with an agent in India instead of directly with the manufacturers   The impact of COVID on their supply chain   The Kip&Co creative process, and why investing in brand (especially photoshoots) is so important   Sign up to our monthly newsletter at  Follow us on Instagram @lady.brains Chat to us in the Facebook group, the lady-brains clubhouse See for privacy information.
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