Jodie Fox - Shoes of Prey
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GREATEST HITS - Recorded in 2020 Jodie Fox is the co-founder of Shoes of Prey, a brand that allowed women to design their shoes in any colour, material, shape or size. In this chat provides insights into how she achieved on-demand manufacturing and customisation at scale, how she raised over $27 million in funding, and why in 2019 it all came crashing down around her. We learn what it was really like for Jodie to fail in such a public way.   You’ll learn:  Why Jodie thinks the business failed, and what she would do differently if she had her time again  How her identity was wrapped up in being an entrepreneur, and what this meant for her after Shoes of Prey closed its doors   The challenges with the mass on-demand manufacturing business model   How she raised over $27 million in funding to scale the business globally   The importance of being curious and doing your research when building a business    Sign up to our monthly newsletter at  Follow us on Instagram @lady.brains Chat to us in the Facebook group, the lady-brains clubhouse Download our free 'Decision Making Framework' at  See for privacy information.
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