39. Generosity: The Packrat of Many Treasures Act 2
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Our virtue in this episode is: Generosity! Join us for the conclusion of Barnaby's adventure today. Will he decide to share his medicine with Willow? Will he spend the holidays alone in his school? Find out in today's episode!  Discussion questions for kids:  Question 1) What is your favorite way to be generous to those around you? Question 2) Has someone ever been generous to you? Tell your adult the story!
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Our virtue in this episode is: Forgiveness! Meet Tuttle and Winnie, a sea turtle and a sea horse who are best friends. Everything is wonderful in their coral reef until some mean sea turtles come by and stir up trouble between them. Will Winnie be able to forgive Tuttle for what he did? Find out...
Published 04/20/22
Published 04/20/22
A special message about my new children's book, Jerome's Journey: A Story About the Virtue of Patience!  If you'd like to find out more about my greater mission here at Lamplighter or to pre-order my book just visit my website at www.lamplighterkids.com and follow the link to my Kickstarter...
Published 04/11/22