Welcome back for season 2. A bit rusty in their discourse - the boys attempt to recap what has been a somewhat uneventful 3 months.
Published 12/06/20
Published 12/06/20
The season finale - a lack of planning has summed up this season so the boys capitalise on this and improv for an hour straight. Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think. The usual training update Hugh and Josh review Tenet, we discuss Hugh's mullet, dreams and more!
Published 08/31/20
The boys talk about all things film and try to guess the colour of M&Ms.
Published 08/24/20
The boys bid farewell to the recording station and regular hang-out spot that is Josh's house as he prepares to move out this week and discuss current news.
Published 08/09/20
Joined by Teegan Watson and Crystal Edwards, the boys talk about swimming diets and another memorable relay, with Hugh making a late entry
Published 07/26/20
Wayfair cabinets, lizard people, moon-landings and more.
Published 07/19/20
The boys talk about going away, injuries and talk about doping in sport.
Published 07/12/20
The boys are joined by teammates Ben Dearle and Matt Lamb, who go head to head on a very tough general knowledge quiz.
Published 07/05/20
A very special guest joins Sasha, Josh and Hugh to discuss bargains, betting and business.
Published 06/28/20
Hugh talks about his bath, Sasha talks about Star Wars and Josh talks about licking himself.
Published 06/21/20
Get to know us as we learn how to podcast in this pilot episode.
Published 06/14/20