Colonel Alan Jenkins, Mary Monson, Elspeth Barker, Art Rupe (pictured)
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Matthew Bannister on Colonel Alan Jenkins, the Gurhka officer who was the last living Westerner to have travelled to independent Tibet. Mary Monson, the solicitor who devoted her career to helping the poor and disadvantaged. Elspeth Barker, the novelist and critic who lived a colourful life surrounded by animals in a Norfolk farmhouse. Art Rupe, the American record producer who helped to launch the careers of Little Richard and Sam Cooke. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nigel Warren Interviewed guest: Roger Croston Interviewed guest: Joseph Kotrie Monson Interviewed guest: Raffaella Barker Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Archive clips used: BBC TV Archive, Jungle Green - Borneo 24/12/1964; BBC Radio Manchester, Trump's tour bus 13/07/2018; Mary Monson Solicitors - YouTube channel, client care philosophy 18/02/2014; BBC Radio 4, O Caledonia by Elspeth Barker 14/10/1992; BBC Radio 3, The Verb - Life, Nature & Literature 10/04/2004; CBS, Alan Freed Rock & Roll Dance Party 1957.
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