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Recognition comes in many forms, but Aaron and Mike only care about the kind that comes with a precious metal lustre in this trophy-laden edition of the usually sparsely-decorated topical radio fiasco. Hear about the many forms of peer approval and adulation as Mike's spiteful envy sees him kick the podium over at the Paralympics.
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Imagine admiration, devotion and perhaps even devotion to someone you'd never encountered in person. This is a parasocial relationship, and experience tells us this power dynamic can lead to negative consequences on either side; perhaps Misery. But we're here to debate the other side too. Good...
Published 09/18/23
Published 09/18/23
Many would say Mike and Aaron display nothing but artificial intelligence, but we're talking about the digital kind here. Will A.I. save us from drudgery and climate breakdown, or will it gain sentience and trigger a nuclear holocaust? Is it a panacea to curb our worst impulses, or will it prove...
Published 08/04/23