Linux Downtime – Episode 71
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We are joined by Molly White from Web3 is Going Just Great to talk about the issues with crypto, Bitcoin, the Lightning network, blockchain, NFTs, and “web3”.   Molly’s Mastodon     Amolith will be at SELF June 9-11 in Charlotte NC.       ServerMania ServerMania offers a wide range of fully customizable dedicated,... Read More
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How to get hired for your first development job, more on contributor license agreements, and our thoughts on different immutable OS approaches.   Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA) – FSFE Why the FSF Gets Copyright Assignments from Contributors         HelloFresh With HelloFresh, you get...
Published 09/24/23
Published 09/24/23
We are joined by Element developer Andy Balaam to talk about working on open source software after 20 years in the proprietary world. We get into working in public, the realities of accepting code contributions, being part of a distributed team, the pros and cons of working from home, and more.  ...
Published 09/10/23