Linux Downtime
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We are joined by Element developer Andy Balaam to talk about working on open source software after 20 years in the proprietary world. We get into working in public, the realities of accepting code contributions, being part of a distributed team, the pros and cons of working from home, and more.  ...
Published 09/10/23
We are all on board with the right to be forgotten but it can cause some tricky problems for open source projects – particularly small ones. Plus why we won’t stop going on about why we take such a dim view of crypto. Amolith mentioned a toot from the Tor Project.       HelloFresh... Read More
Published 08/27/23
Why Amolith uses Arch, why Gary uses Debian, and why Joe uses Ubuntu.       Factor Factor’s fresh, never frozen, meals are ready in just 2 minutes, so all you have to do is heat them up and enjoy. Go to and use code ldt50 to get 50% off.       See... Read More
Published 08/13/23