Late Night Linux – Episode 182
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Thumbs up for Mozilla and KDE, mixed reaction to mobile Thunderbird and Microsoft, AI definitely isn’t sentient, and more.   News Our Plans For Thunderbird On Android Frequently Asked Questions: Thunderbird Mobile and K-9 Mail Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide How to easily switch from Chrome to Firefox... Read More
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Published 08/08/22
Loads of useful discoveries, a Lineage tale of woe, yet more trolling of Félim, and more.   Discoveries bat Beej’s guide to network programming LinuxCommandLibrary and f-droid app Galaxy Buds Client Lineage problems battop   Feedback Late Night Linux Discoveries code Joe’s RSS Thingy Bismuth How...
Published 08/08/22
Torvalds is using an Arm Mac with Asahi, potentially bad news for ChromeOS in Europe, a remarkable Debian server upgrade, Facebook wins a battle in the URL war, Minecraft shuns NFTs, KDE Korner, and more.   News London Meetup 5th August near The Eye Microsoft clarifies store policy on commercial...
Published 08/02/22