Late Night Linux – Episode 221
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Will is annoyed with calculators, Félim adds GUIs to his ropey Python, Graham attempts to tune a Piano, and Joe dreams of playing darts without the maths. Plus your feedback about robot vacuums, guitar cables, Arch, why we don’t talk about Fedora, KDE wins, and more.   Discoveries  qalculate NiceGUI Entropy Piano Tuner Autodarts (video... Read More
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Graphing pings in the terminal, streaming playstation games to your Linux machine, finding secrets and sensitive information in your repos, keeping your FOSS Android apps bang up to date, whether programming students should be using Linux, and loads more.   Discoveries  gping Chiaki image...
Published 05/22/23
Thunderbird shows that asking users for money works, Red Hat’s priorities seem to be moving away from the community, Mozilla is set to show the Fediverse how it’s done, Mastodon simplifies its onboarding experience, Linux is better than Windows on handhelds, Roblox stops working for us, a peek at...
Published 05/16/23
Published 05/16/23