The Legal News That Captivated Us In 2022
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Another year, another deluge of legal news, and as usual, the Pro Say gang has you covered. This week’s show is a look back at a whirlwind of judicial activity, headlined by a historic Supreme Court term that saw 50 years of abortion rights precedent wiped away, gun rights expanded and stirred a feverish debate over the institution of the court itself. We’ll also walk through a handful of highly publicized trials that had both excerpts and non-experts buzzing, including defamation cases against Alex Jones and Johnny Depp, and the continuing lengthy trudge of the Theranos fraud saga. Finally, no year-end legal news recap would be complete without a dive into the many continuing legal entanglements of former President Donald Trump, including a federal raid on his private residence and not one but two tax and corruption actions against his business empire.
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The Supreme Court justices return to the bench on Monday for a new term that’s shaping up to be an impactful one, with issues ranging from gun ownership rights in domestic violence cases, to the legality of administrative courts and the First Amendment implications of public officials blocking...
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A dispute over a relatively obscure fishing industry rule is attracting considerable buzz ahead of the upcoming Supreme Court term, as the justices will consider whether to overturn their decades-old precedent providing leeway to federal regulators. The so-called Chevron deference requires courts...
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