Casetext’s Three Top Execs On CoCounsel, GPT-4 and ‘A New Age in the Practice of Law’
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Now in its 10th year in business, Casetext has introduced a series of unique products over the years that have cemented its reputation as a leading innovator in legal technology and AI. Now, at time when seemingly every legal tech developer is rushing to incorporate the GPT artificial intelligence model into their products, Casetext has unveiled CoCounsel, which it calls the world’s first reliable AI legal assistant, and which is powered by GPT-4, OpenAI’s just-released latest version of its GPT model.  “GPT-4 leaps past the power of earlier language models,” said Pablo Arredondo, chief innovation officer for Casetext. “The model’s ability not just to generate text, but to interpret it, heralds nothing short of a new age in the practice of law.” Not only that, but Casetext played a central role in a study to have GPT-4 take the bar exam. Just two months ago, I had legal scientists Dan Katz and Michael Bommarito on this show to talk about their experiment having GPT-3.5 take the bar exam. Spoiler alert: It failed. With the release of the more powerful GPT-4, Katz and Bommarito collaborated with Casetext to conduct the study again. This time, GPT not only passed all three components of the exam, including the essay portion, but it scored in the top 10th percentile.  So what does GPT-4 mean for legal professionals? How might it change law practice? To discuss all of this, host Bob Ambrogi is joined by the three top executives of Casetext: Jake Heller, CEO. Laura Safdie, COO & general counsel.  Pablo Arredondo, chief innovation officer.  They discuss what makes CoCounsel different than other AI products in the legal market, how they avoid the problem of “hallucinations,” how products such as CoCounsel may change law practice, and how they can help close the justice gap.    Thank You To Our Sponsors This episode of LawNext is generously made possible by our sponsors. We appreciate their support and hope you will check them out.  Paradigm, home to the practice management platforms PracticePanther, Bill4Time, MerusCase and LollyLaw; the e-payments platform Headnote; and the legal accounting software TrustBooks.
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