Vasu Sojitra - Multisport Athlete, Disability Access Strategist, Denali, The Rut, Intersectionality, Ninjasticking
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This episode was brought to you by our friends at Velofix. DM @velofixquebec on IG to get your exclusive LE RUN DOWN PROMO CODE and receive 15% OFF your next tune up. On this episode of Le Run Down we had an enlightening conversation with Multisport athlete and disability access strategist, Vasu Sojitra. At an very young age Vasu had his leg amputated but it never stopped him from living a life filled with incredible adventure and challenges. He's an astonishing multisport athlete, excelling at soccer, skiing, running, skateboarding, and so much more, all while working hard to bring positive change. News Notes: (Canada's Andre De Grasse and Marco Arop win at Pre Classic - Canadian Running Magazine) Show Notes: (Vasu Sojitra ( (About — Vasu Sojitra) (Vasu Sojitra (@vasu_sojitra) • Instagram photos and videos) (Disability Visibility Project – "Creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture") (Crip Camp - Google Search) (Home | Disability Justice) (Care Work | Arsenal Pulp Press) (Autistic Hoya — A blog by Lydia X. Z. Brown: Ableism/Language) News: (The Narwhal - Fairy Creek is set to become the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada’s history) (Chicago Sun-Times - Alleged torture victim Keith Walker sues city, prosecutors, Chicago cops) (CTV News - Confidence dropping in RCMP sensitivity to different cultures, survey suggests) (CNN - The Supreme Court has sided with the police at the expense of Black Americans) How to Help: (Black Lives Matter - Ways You Can Help) (Black Lives Matter Canada) (Montreal-Based Racial Justice Organizations) (List of American and Canadian Bail Funds) Educational Materials: (Reclaim The Block - Resources and Downloads) (Critical Resistance - Abolish Policing) (Critical Resistance - Breaking Down the Prison Industrial Complex video series) (Second Thought - America's Police Problem)
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