Bonus: Revisiting EP 17, recorded at the 2019 Boston Marathon with Tommy Rivers Puzey
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Ways to help Tommy and his family: (Fundraiser for Stephanie Catudal by John Peel : Rest up, Tommy, we'll see you soon ( On this episode of Le Run Down we throw it back to the Boston from 2019, where we sat down with Tommy Rivers Puzey. It was the last time the race was held in-person, over two years ago. Tommy gratuitously accepted our invitation to chat and shared his journey with us. We spoke about the marathon at length and he let us in to everything that brought him to that point. A lot has happened since then however. Early in 2020 Tommy was diagnosed with NK T-Cell lymphoma, which is an extremely rare form of cancer. He battled through, fighting for his life and has since made a miraculous recovery. We're blessed that we were able to have spoken to Tommy that weekend in Boston and no doubt, if his body allowed, he'd love to toe the line with his peers at the 125th Boston marathon on Monday. So whether you're racing this year or just need that extra bit of inspiration, give this episode a listen and enjoy all his wisdom. Eyes Up, Stout heart, Rage on.
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