Bridget Phillipson: Can we save Britain's schools?
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Is there a class system in the UK? What is the State's role in redistributing wealth in society? How did Jeremy Corbyn's leadership impact Red Wall voters? Shadow Secretary of State for Education Bridget Phillipson joins Rory and Alastair to answer all these questions and more. TRIP Plus: Become a member of The Rest Is Politics Plus to support the podcast, receive our exclusive newsletter, enjoy ad-free listening to both TRIP and Leading, benefit from discount book prices on titles mentioned on the pod, join our Discord chatroom, and receive early access to live show tickets and Question Time episodes. Just head to to sign up, or start a free trial today on Apple Podcasts: TRIP FIRST 100 DAYS TOUR: To buy tickets for our October Election Tour, just head to Instagram: @restispolitics Twitter: @RestIsPolitics Email: [email protected] Podcast Editor: Nathan Copelin Video Editor: Teo Ayodeji-Ansell Social Producer: Jess Kidson Assistant Producer: Fiona Douglas Producer: Nicole Maslen Senior Producer: Dom Johnson Head of Content: Tom Whiter Exec Producers: Tony Pastor + Jack Davenport Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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