E44: The waste of physical books that go unread
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In this episode, I go on a little rant about books, and how I estimate there are a lot of unread books in people's homes and offices. I'm considering a challenge to get people to read some of their unread books, or get rid of them and free up space in your home. Would you be interested in this challenge? Links Book: Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein Article: 5S and the KonMari method Training: FREE "Lean at Home" course (Home Efficiency Using Japanese Lean Productivity Techniques) BIZ-PI.com LeanSixSigmaDefinition.com Have a question? Submit a voice message at Anchor.fm --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/leansixsigmabursts/message
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In this episode, I talk about some other ways to identify waste and opportunity in your process and workday, specifically the tasks that you are not doing, but should be. This proactive work doesn't happen, so you often don't realize that you didn't get around to it. It later shows up as actual...
Published 11/15/21
Published 11/15/21
I was asked a question about how to get started applying Lean and Six Sigma to a non-manufacturing business. I thought about some key questions I would want to ask, and sent them a response. I thought they were good questions, so I wanted to share them on the podcast.  Links BIZ-PI.com ...
Published 08/07/21