Learning To Be Confident with Claudia Fogarty
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“Being rejected was a horrible feeling” Fresh out of the Love Island villa Scott Thomas sits down with Claudia Fogarty for a brand-new series of Learning As I Go.  Claudia talks openly for the first time about the journey that she’s been through with her body confidence and how this affected how she felt, going into Love Island.  They discuss how being single can help if you want to work on yourself, especially when it comes to beating a fear of rejection.  Scott and Claudia discuss what it's like to come from a famous family and how it feels when your siblings are well-known. Plus what’s life like when your dad is Superbike World Champion, Carl Fogarty? Learning As I Go is back for another incredible series that you won't want to miss! The podcast is supported by British Triathlon and throughout series three, you’ll hear updates from Scott as he trains for his first triathlon in July. You can join Scott at the Sunderland triathlon by clicking here and using the code LEARNING25 at checkout for £25 pounds off.
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