Jennifer Wallace shares the process of moving an in-person lab to an online format. What the team learned, what worked well, what didn't work well, and what they will carry with them going forward. Get tips and resources for moving your lab or course online.  Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-95-case-study-episode-redesigning-an-in-person-lab-to-an-online-format-with-jennifer-wallace-msn-rn-cne
Published 07/27/21
094 - Dr. Norman Eng combines his background in marketing with his knowledge of how people learn. He shares simple, yet powerful changes you can make to your online course to improve the learner experience and increase student success.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-94-how-to-improve-the-learner-experience-in-your-online-course-what-we-can-learn-from-marketing-with-dr-norman-eng
Published 07/20/21
Dr. Dan Levy discusses ideas to teach synchronous online courses in Zoom. He shares tips for designing effective and engaging chat sessions, and he talks about the 3 phases of planning your breakout room activities.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-93-teaching-synchronously-in-zoom-tips-for-chat-sessions-and-breakout-rooms-with-dr-dan-levy
Published 07/13/21
Dr. Stephen Kosslyn joins us to talk about how you can use five principles from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to promote learning and enhance student engagement.  Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-92-transform-your-online-courses-with-these-5-active-learning-principles-from-cognitive-psychology-and-neuroscience-with-dr-stephen-kosslyn
Published 07/06/21
091 - Put the "active" back into active learning! Dr. Susan Hrach joins us to talk about how to bring concepts to life for students by focusing on the physical environment, sensory experiences, and different modes of engagement.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-91-take-your-active-learning-experiences-to-the-next-level-with-dr-susan-hrach
Published 06/29/21
In part 2 of this 2-part episode, we continue our conversation about ungrading with Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Heather Miceli. We discuss how to introduce students to ungrading, how to overcome the challenges of this approach, and recommendations to get started or improve what you're already doing. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/090-lets-talk-about-ungrading-part-2-with-dr-chris-jones-and-dr-heather-miceli
Published 06/22/21
This is part 1 of a 2-part conversation about ungrading in higher education. Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Heather Miceli join us to talk about what ungrading is and how they implement it in their courses. They also address some of the common misconceptions about ungrading. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-89-lets-talk-about-ungrading-part-1-with-dr-chris-jones-and-dr-heather-miceli 
Published 06/22/21
Caleb Curfman joins us to talk about how to use digital escape rooms to break up your lecture and increase student engagement. How do get started, what to consider as you plan, and how to align the activities with your goals.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-88-use-escape-rooms-to-break-up-your-lecture-with-caleb-curfman
Published 06/08/21
Dr. Donna Brown shares creative ways you can integrate art experiences into your courses to increase student engagement, encourage reflection, and promote critical thinking. She shares her "slow looking" approach which can be adapted to any discipline. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-87-integrating-art-into-your-courses-how-the-slow-looking-approach-promotes-critical-thinking-with-dr-donna-brown
Published 06/01/21
We continue our conversation with Dr. David Thomas and Dr. Lisa Forbes about creating playful learning experiences in the college classroom. In this episode, they share specific examples of how they use play in their courses which might give you ideas you can use in your courses! Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-86-the-power-of-play-using-play-to-break-up-your-lectures-and-improve-student-learning-part-2-with-dr-david-thomas-and-dr-lisa-forbes
Published 05/25/21
085 - Dr. David Thomas and Dr. Lisa Forbes join us to talk about the power of play in creating transformative and meaningful learning experiences. Play increases student engagement, reduces barriers to learning, and improves student learning outcomes. (Part 1 of 2) Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-85-the-power-of-play-using-play-to-break-up-your-lectures-and-improve-student-learning-part-1-with-dr-david-thomas-and-dr-lisa-forbes
Published 05/17/21
084 - You spent the whole semester building community, connecting with students, and creating successful learning experiences. How do you bring it all to a close on a positive note? How do you honor your students' hard work? In this episode, Tatiana Rodriguez shares 9 creative, fun, and engaging ways you can end the semester.  Show Notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-84-9-creative-ways-to-end-the-semester-with-tatiana-rodriguez
Published 05/11/21
083 - Dr. Bobbie Ticknor joins us to talk about virtual reality and simulated learning experiences in the classroom. She shares 3 types of virtual reality environments, how to get started with VR, and examples of VR experiences in different disciplines. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-83-using-virtual-reality-to-increase-student-engagement-and-improve-learning-with-dr-bobbie-ticknor
Published 05/04/21
Dr. Carlos Goller joins us to talk about how he stays curious as an educator. He is always learning something new to improve his teaching, and he has been documenting his journey by blogging. We talk about the importance of mentoring, how his definition of active learning is changing, and how he avoids "throwaway" assignments in his courses. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-082-the-reflective-professor
Published 04/27/21
In episode 81, Barbi shares 20 reflection prompts to encourage students to participate in class. You can use these prompts in online or in-person classes to help students connect prior knowledge and experience to the course material and to break up your lectures with reflective activities. Show Notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-81-20-reflection-prompts-to-encourage-students-to-participate-in-class
Published 04/20/21
In part 2 of this conversation about student engagement techniques, Dr. Claire Howell Major shares recommendations for creating more authentic and meaningful learning experiences. She also gives us a glimpse into her lesson planning process and shares how she has adapted her approach to discussion forums to showcase student work.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-80-student-engagement-techniques-part-2-with-dr-claire-howell-major
Published 04/13/21
079 - In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Dr. Claire Howell Major joins us to talk about what active learning is and how it can be used to enhance student engagement. She shares teaching strategies for new instructors and ideas for educators who teach content-heavy courses.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-79-student-engagement-techniques-part-1-with-dr-claire-howell-major
Published 04/06/21
Dr. Kevin Kelly and Dr. Todd Zakrajsek share tips, recommendations, and examples to take our online course to the next level. They share ideas for course design, student engagement, assessment, and equity to increase student success in online courses. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-78-take-your-online-course-to-the-next-level-course-design-equity-and-engagement-strategies-with-dr-kevin-kelly-and-todd-zakrajsek
Published 03/30/21
Dr. Alexandra Mihai joins us to talk about how to design more successful collaborative learning experiences and group work. How do we help students feel more ownership of the process? Should we intervene when group members encounter problems or have disagreements? Should we let students form their own groups or should we assign groups? Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-77-tips-for-designing-collaborative-learning-experiences-and-group-work-with-dr-alexandra-mihai
Published 03/23/21
076 - Dr. Siva priya Santhanam shares recommendations and strategies to help students who identify as neurodiverse succeed in active learning classrooms.  We discuss planning and organizing your course, designing active learning experiences, and how to reduce student anxiety.  Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-76-creating-successful-learning-experiences-for-students-who-identify-as-neurodiverse-with-dr-siva-priya-santhanam
Published 03/16/21
075 - Dr. Monica Burns joins us to share tips, tech tools, and recommendations to discuss how to create more engaging asynchronous online courses.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-75-how-to-create-more-engaging-asynchronous-online-courses-with-monica-burns
Published 03/09/21
Chris Nesi joins us to talk about how to encourage students to create connections and build community within and beyond the classroom by leveraging the power of technology. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-75-encouraging-students-to-create-connections-and-build-community-within-and-beyond-the-classroom-with-chris-nesi
Published 03/02/21
Dr. Shelly Clevenger joins us to share how she breaks away from the traditional lecture, test, lecture, test format and creates civic engagement projects to engage students and serve the community.  Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-73-engage-students-and-serve-the-community-how-a-professor-creates-transformative-learning-experiences-with-civic-engagement-projects
Published 02/23/21
Dr. Krista Gehring joins us to talk about how she uses comic books in her classroom to engage students and improve learning. She discusses how powerful it can be when you combine storytelling with art to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-72-using-comic-books-in-the-classroom-with-dr-krista-gehring
Published 02/16/21
Caleb Curfman, a history instructor, shares how he moved from traditional tests and papers and into more creative assessments where students focus on application and creation, not just memorization and recall. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/podcast/episode-71-creative-assessment-strategies-with-caleb-curfman
Published 02/09/21