When it comes to mental health, we are ALL better coaches than players - with Chris Osborn
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Over the past dozen or so years, Chris Osborn has found a home at the intersection of behavioral psychology, law practice, and legal education. Whether designing and facilitating a seminar with ReelTime Creative Learning Experiences, teaching at a law school, co-hosting the Thriving Lawyers Podcast, or reinventing himself mid-career as a collaborative family lawyer, Chris lights up with any opportunity to apply insight and tools from the behavioral & social sciences to the practice of law. At the center of it all is an unyielding passion to encourage his colleagues to not only thrive in their practices, but make them more human, humane, productive, enjoyable, and sustainable. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chris’ own journey of becoming more aware of his own blend of challenges, gifts, passions, skills, and stumbling blocks informs much of his work. Tune in for this lively & honest conversation with guest host Krista Lynn ________ and we believe you’ll be encouraged, challenged, and energized too!
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