🇬🇧 The secret recipe for success through plain language: Relevance, precision, and brevity!
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🇬🇧Do you also know people who you think are really good? Who do you perceive as successful? What distinguishes these people from others? What do they do differently? One thing they have in common: Clarity - in the way they think, ask questions, listen, communicate and decide. So today's topic is the Secret recipe for success through plain language: Relevance, precision, and brevity. ––– Do you like the LEITWOLF Leadership Podcast? Then please rate it with a star rating and review it on iTunes. This helps us to further improve this LEITWOLF Podcast. It also makes it more visible to people in your circle of friends or colleagues: http://bit.ly/SH-review ––– Would you like solid tips or support on how to implement good leadership in your company? Then please get in touch with me and let’s have a phone conversation for free: [email protected] OR Arrange a free consultation here: https://calendly.com/stefan-homeister/leitwolf-meeting?month=2020-09 // LINKEDIN » bit.ly/leitwolf-linkedin« // WEBSITE » stefan-homeister-leadership.com«   ® 2017 STEFAN HOMEISTER LEITWOLF ALL RIGHTS RESERVE
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