🇬🇧 Toothless tiger or strong leader – Do not reflect your intention but your impact | LEITWOLF Learning April-May 2023
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Are you a good leader? Today's episode is all about leaders and their impact on others. Many leaders have good intentions, but their actual impact on others often leaves much to be desired. There is a lack of honest feedback and self-reflection. But how can you become a better leader? In today's episode, Stefan encourages you to reflect on your impact on others and continuously develop yourself. Learn why good intentions alone are not enough and how you can continuously improve. ––– Do you like the LEITWOLF Leadership Podcast? Then please rate it with a star rating and review it on iTunes or/and Spotify. This will help us to further improve this LEITWOLF podcast and make it more visible. ––– Book your access to the Leitwolf Academy NOW: https://www.digistore24.com/product/345065 Would you like solid tips or support on how to implement good leadership in your company? Then please get in touch with me and let’s have a phone conversation for free: [email protected] OR Arrange a free consultation here: https://calendly.com/stefan-homeister/leitwolf-meeting-15 // LINKEDIN »https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanhomeister/« // WEBSITE »https://stefan-homeister-leadership.com«   ® 2017 STEFAN HOMEISTER LEITWOLF ALL RIGHTS RESERVE
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