#219 How do you if you have enough magnesium? Symptoms of Mg deficiency, sources and absorbable forms + assessment vs lab testing with Ashley Koff, RD
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This week I talk to Ashley Koff, RD from the Better Nutrition Program about all the details of magnesium. Ashley shares the story of her own health challenges, career choices and changes and how she loves to "nerd out" and sell stuff. We deep dive into all things magnesium with applicable details and most importantly, the "WHY". KEY TAKEAWAYS: Less information can be so much better when working with clientsImportance of magnesium- foundational piece of our healthLab testing- is it worth it or can symptoms paint the pictureSymptoms of inadequate magnesium- insufficiency vs deficiencyCalcium Magnesium relationship- need both to move things alongWhole food sources of magnesium- dark chocolate, whole grains, cashew milk, greens, nuts/seedsHow to know if we're getting enough magnesium in food- assess and personalizeEmotional side of magnesium insufficiencyDifferent forms of magnesium and rationale for choiceMagnesium is easy to deplete, slow to replete ASHLEY SHARED HELPFUL TIPS ON: Assessing the digestive systemPersonalizing plans vs education overload "Infobesity"How to show clients how to be more successful by changing habitsEmpower clients with assessments/questionnairesIdentifying symptoms that may point to magnesium insufficiency ABOUT ASHLEY: Ashley Koff RD, CEO, The Better Nutrition Program uniquely blends over twenty years as an integrative practitioner with a prior career successfully advertising sugared cereals, hair color, and sundries to American families. After decades of helping individuals get and stay healthy powered by their better nutrition choices, Koff shifted to helping practitioners deliver personalized recommendations for better patient and business outcomes. Today, she runs The Better Nutrition Program. An accomplished author, speaker, media expert, spokeswoman, and activist, Koff hosts My Better Nutrition, an Alexa skill, is a partner at BeyondBrands, a consultant for food and nutrition companies, an advisor for Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition’s Food and Entrepreneurship program, an advisory board member for The Partnership for Healthier America and for Victress Capital. She's a passionate basketball fan, relearning the trumpet, and loves outdoor adventures as much as her espresso CBD Koff-tado. WHERE TO FIND ASHLEY: @TheBetterNutritionProgram thebetternutritionprogram.com WHERE TO FIND CHRISTA: https://www.christabiegler.com/ On IG: instagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/ Shop our Favorites christabiegler.com/shop Loving the podcast? Leave us a review and ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY NOW! Sharing & reviewing this podcast is the BEST way to help us succeed with our mission to help integrate the best of East & West empower you to raise the bar on your health story. Just go to https://reviewthispodcast.com/lessstressedlife SPONSORS: A special thanks to our VIP sponsor RUPA Health, our lab concierge service that helps our clients get standard bloodwork 2/3 off retail direct to consumer lab test pricing. Let them know I sent you when you sign up for your free practitioner account.
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